Saturday, June 13, 2015

Aussie Curves : Floral

This is a hard challenge for me.

I have a deep dislike for floral. There I said it.

And by that dislike, I mean floral on me. A lot of girls can rock this print, but I just look...awkward.

Whenever I wear floral, I feel like I'm a fraud. Or I'm channelling table cloths and curtains. But that's me, and I'm kinda weird.

So yeah, I was never into the Cath Kidstons, or the liberty prints, or even Forever New's sundresses.

See this? I really wanted to like this. The cut is perfect for me (please ignore the lack of boobage) but the colour and print weren't. So it went back to the store.

There's also this prom skirt which I also desperately wanted to keep, but I couldn't justify the price for something I'd hardly wear.

That said, I do have a grand total of three floral items in my wardrobe:

1. A dress from Valley Girl which I bought during their 50% off sale (which ran for so many months and drained my wallet)

2. A Caroline Morgan dress I bought on a whim at the Ginger Tree clearance store in Elizabeth Street for, I think, $15 or $20. The one and only time I wore this was when I was deciding if I was going to buy the Witchery Double Zip Biker leather jacket. I have since forgotten about it until, well, today.  My nude (real old! $5!) sandals are from Parisian.

3. And of course, my Dr. Martens Mini Tydee which, compared to the others, don't get as much rotation because, well, they're floral. Here worn with my Esprit coat (bought in Hongkong - Esprit is significantly more expensive in Australia!), my favourite fleece Heat Tech (all sold out!), crossbody bag from Dangerfield (of course!), Peter Alexander beanie, and American Eagle Outfitters jeggings (softest denim ever, but wrong size for me that's why they look loose).

And I think there's another Valley Girl skirt somewhere, bought for $10 or under, which I was planning to wear with a striped shirt, but I don't know where to find it in the blackhole called my closet.

These are all the floral items I have. And I just noticed that there's a running theme: bought on a heavy discount/on clearance, and worn hardly.

So maybe someday I'd be able to pull off ladylike frocks and skirts, but right now, I'd stick to my Winter tomboy uniform of jeans, black/gray top, down vest (my most heavily used Winter item to date - and I even hesitated to buy it!) beanie, and my big dumb combat boots


I did not think I'd be able to join this challenge at all!

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