Saturday, June 6, 2015

Aussie Curves: BLACK and Good Food and Wine Show

So we went to the Good Food and Wine Show.

Unlike last year, we didn't even attempt to drink any of the wine and liqueur, not even the coffee liqueur. We went straight to the cheese alley.

A lot of people had the same idea. The crowd was noticeably thicker in the cheese section compared to any other sections.

I didn't take a lot of pictures - I was so concentrated on trying out the different kinds of cheese, some with names I didn't know how to pronounce. And before today I thought I knew my cheese!

This stall though particularly stood out to me because of their yummy flavoured cheese products. My favourites were the Almond & Apricot, Honey & Pistachio, and Cranberry & Macadamia, which tasted like decadent cheesecake.

Last year, we tried alpaca without knowing what it was. We were absolutely aghast when we found out they look like this:

Oh.My.God. What have we done?! 

This year, we stayed away from alpacas and any other unfamiliar meat (lest we end up eating another cute little animal again!), and just had a bite of sausage from one of the meat stalls. 

I was a bit disappointed that my favourite stall last year, Nehas Ice Cream, did not join the show this year. I was looking forward to her version of kulfi.

We capped off our cheesy afternoon by coming to senses and bringing this home. I chose the rice, angel hair, and lasagna variants, instead of the spaghetti and noodles as I can get cheaper generic shirataki noodles at most Asian stores in the CBD.

The Guru is excited for his longsilog - or should I say longshilog?

And here's what I wore - I made sure everything was black because of this week's Aussie Curves challenge. This week's challenge is a no-brainer for me, because most of my clothes are black. Especially tops and dresses partially because I'm very top-heavy (and also probably why I don't really like black jeans - I think I look best in blue jeans in light washes, they sort of balance my appearance and give me the illusion of having hips), but mostly because it's one of the only two neutrals (the other one is stark bright white, none of the ivory/cream nonsense) that look good on my cool skintone. It took a lot of disastrous experiments with coral blush and brown eyeshadow in the past before my friend told me they really didn't look good on me. :P 

And then I started realising I look best in silver jewellry - explains why I was never into gold (actually never into jewellry at all - and I only found out today that it's spelled with two Ls in British/Australian english because Blogger kept correcting me) and cool colours like black, white, blue-based pinks, blue - cobalt, azure; I'm apparently a "Winter jewel" - I learn a lot from trolling forums :P, which means I look best in black, white, and jewel tones.

BLK DNM leather jacket 1UNIQLO Heattech long-sleeved undershirt, Kmart singlet that says "Paris in the Moonlight" - I think I got this for $2,  American Eagle Outfitters jeggingcrossbody from Dangerfield (which you're probably sick of by now - promise, I have other bags!), and of course, my trusty pair of nappa Doc Martens1460s.

So about the BLK DNM leather jacket, it's warm and comfy and seriously badass. I passed by Myer almost everyday for maybe a week or so before I decided to get it. The first time I tried it, I tried the Large (autopilot - always get the largest), and thought it was bulky and looked kind of members only (a term I learned from obsessively googling leather jackets) but I still really liked how the leather smells (the smell is different, not the usual leathery scent, almost-but-not-quite fragrant). And then one day the Large was gone (I think Myer only got a few pieces, maybe one/size) and on a whim I tried the Medium (and not expecting I'd fit into it, to be honest), and it's so much sleeker. Needless to say, I spent many more nights googling before I decided to bite the bullet. 

And I couldn't be happier! Well, maybe if I also had the leather jacket 8, but probably in five years or so because I justified the price by convincing myself that I'm gonna wear it for years anyway.  

Until next year's show, and next week's Aussie Curves challenge!


  1. Looking very rock and badass! I love the jacket, glad you decided to get it. You must almost be a leather jacket expert after all you're research! Ahahahaha... jewelry is the USA spelling of jewellery, one of the many words I'm getting used to changing. But I'm guessing because the USA involvement in the Philippines, you were taught to spell it the USA way? I'm trying to spell 'American' but every so often I revert to Australian English. ;)

    1. I love, love, love it too! It's my most (and ONLY) expensive piece of clothing. I don't even have expensive bags! Ok, enough justification. :P You're right, I can probably already qualify as a leather jacket resource person from all the googling I've done. That's classic Chel though when obsessed. ;-)

      Yup, I grew up speaking and writing in American English. Philippines is kind of a little USA-wannabe. :P

  2. The black and silver look fantastic together, love your outfit!
    the jacket is gorgeous

    Katie x

    1. Thank you! :) LOVE your pinup looks. :) Hey, you changed your blog name!