Saturday, May 16, 2015

Aussie Curves : Jacket and Washing Leather on the Machine

So I've been obsessing over leather jackets.

I've been googling, posting in forums/FB pages, talking people's ears off - no biggie, really, my friends are used to me blabbing nonstop about stuff they can't relate to(most of them are in the tropics).

I started with Witchery, moved on to BLK DNM, then to other random jackets in eBay, most of which I have since resold.

I thought my leather jacket obsession was over until I came across a preloved biker jacket from Husk. I was familiar with the brand because they have a Rick Owens dupe I was eyeing in eBay few weeks ago. I don't know if this sounds crazy, but I have this sort of gut feeling whenever I am bidding on an item. I kind of know that I'd win the bidding prior to the end. It's never failed me - maybe I should start telling fortunes for a living?

Ignore my ten pounds weight gain (yes, it's official) and focus on my super awesome leather biker which I got for 1/5th of the RRP! Yes, it's preloved, but I don't care - it's oh so soft, the leather is luxurious, the scuffs and creases give it character, and I cannot afford it if I had to buy it full-price!

Here I am taking a selfie using the giant mirror in the very cool lobby of the building of our new place. We have not officially moved in yet (on Thursday!). Most of the tenants, I think, are uni students. 

My tummy says hi!

My eyebags too! 

The Italian lambskin leather is supple and oh-so-buttery! ♥  

Up close and personal.

LOVE that the hardware is copper and not gold. I'd prefer it to be silver, but copper >>>> gold, with black. At least, in my eyes. I have an aversion towards black with gold hardware. Copper hardware with black isn't as garish.

Another reason I think this jacket and me are meant to be are the sleeves - they're crazy long, but since my arms are freakishly long too, they're just right for me. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

So yeah, eBay score!

Now about washing leather jacket on the machine...I did it. I bought a Pierre Cardin vintage leather jacket from eBay which was in excellent condition except for one thing - it did smell vintage. Like unearthed-from-your-grandma's-chest-where-it-was-stored-for-20-years vintage. It was also too big for me, but perfect size for The Guru (duh, it's Pierre Cardin, I don't know why I thought it was a women's jacket.) 

So I had two choices: resell it, or have it cleaned. But considering Evans charges $150 (cleaning with waterproofing) and I got the jacket for $17 ($31 if you include the shipping fee), I thought what the heck, I'd try machine washing the leather. Also found some articles that say you can wash leather jacket on the machine. 

I bought some wool and delicates detergent, put the jacket inside a mesh bag, and washed it for 30 mins. After which, I checked the jacket, it didn't seem ruined, so I put it in the dryer for 56 mins (our machine's shortest cycle). It still smelled afterwards (although noticeably less so) so I did another round of washing/drying. 

After air drying it, it still had that vintage smell, now more sweet-ish than dusty/attic-y/storage-y. I read in a forum that baking soda works - I sprinkled baking soda generously, put it inside a bag, tied it, and left it there overnight. It still has a faint vintage smell but tolerable and it's decreasing day by day.

Oh, and the leather seems unchanged. Lookie!

The Guru and the jacket aboard the 59 tram - we were off to Fitzroy for our food trip. More on that next post. 

I think this was on our way home - clearly two happy tummies judging from our giddy smiles!

Oh, my Husk jacket also had a bit of vintage smell, but just faint, so I used the baking soda technique, and it worked too. 

So yeah, you can wash leather jackets but don't blame me if yours get ruined. :)


  1. Well who wouldve thought you could wash a leather jacket in the washing machine!?! And put it in the dryer?!? Im glad you found yourself an awesome bikers jacket! It looks great babe! And so do you!!

    1. Yeah, I was scared when it was spinning inside! The fear was worth it though. It's a beautiful leather jacket for $17!

      Thanks, girl! I realised just now I'm wearing the same pair of sandals in all my posts. LOL. They're battered and clearly worth the $20 or so I paid for the pair. :P I actually like having open feet even when it's cold outside and I'm all bundled up with my Heat tech shirt and Down jacket and beanie - I must look crazy to onlookers. :P Soon, it's going to be cold enough for Dr Martens...

  2. What an awesome jacket - I always forget to watch eBay - you've inspired me with your great buys. And washing the leather jacket? Genius!

    1. eBay is dangerous! I'm trying to stay away! :P

      I'm glad I didn't ruin the weather - and it smells a lot better now!

  3. wow, I love the jacket. I really want it for the winter.