Thursday, April 9, 2015

Aussie Curves : Best Bargain

Long time, no post!

Ok, I've been slacking, but I have an excuse - The Guru's been working long hours (and enjoying it - I know, geek!) and I do not have a "camera man".

So this week's post will be with me back to selfies.

Also, my eyebrows have been growing a life of their own, hence, the cropped face. :P

I went to the Designer Clearance Sale at Clear It Brunswick, and scored the following:

Princess Highway Lula Shorts

I actually wanted this last year, but I restrained myself because it was already the beginning of Spring when I chanced upon it. Told myself I was going to lose weight anyway - yeah, the lies I tell myself. :P Got this in a size AU12 - a bit tight on the waist, but roomy on the hips. The AU14 was the right fit on the waist but way too roomy on the hips. 

Oh, and I recently measured myself, and found out that I have a rectangle/columnar body shape, and that based on my 2014 Favourite Forever New's size chart (I find myself drawn toward other brands nowadays), my bust is a size AU14 (wide circumference, small boobies), my waist is for a size AU16, and my hips belong to size.....AU10. A tadpole comes to mind....

Anyway, to continue after that digression, I also got a cute black cardigan with pink polkadot lining, pink felt buttons, and pink felt ribbons for pockets from Revival. It's called Garden State Cardy, but I cannot find a single image of it online so maybe it was from several years ago. It's adorable, yet not...twee, if you know what I mean. I'll post a picture of it in one of my future outfit posts.

And the last thing I got was a vegan (ok, faux/PU - I was trying to sound fancy) leather jacket from Dangerfield, with - get this - shoulder spikes. Very punk. I was hemming and hawing, because I don't know if I can pull off the spikes (plus I just bought an expensive leather biker jacket from Witchery - a purchase I thought obsessively about for weeks, and annoyed a bunch of people from that wonderful timesuck called Whirlpool in the process; also just found out I have to "waterproof" it - and it costs $95 at Evans to have it professionally water protected - would Tana Zanolin work on lambskin leather? I didn't know owning a leather jacket would be so complicated - maybe I should just return it) but in the end took it home for two reasons: first - it was $148 originally but with the price drop and further 20% off, I got it for $27 (and the cheapest PU jacket I found was from H&M for $70!), and second, I told myself I'd use this when there's a chance of rain because, well, I cannot afford another leather jacket if mine gets ruined. 

Oh, and I realise now that there's a third: to ease up into wearing leather jackets, as I have never ever had one prior, because I lived most of my life in the land of eternal sunshine sprinkled with bits of natural disasters. (I get it, dealing with catastrophic events does develop resiliency, but we've had enough, please.)

I also cannot find a picture online, so here is a selfie shot:

I was wearing my cropped shirt from Dotti (I grabbed a bunch  for real cheap - like $10/each - during the end of season sale of Winter 2014), my jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters, belt from Dorothy Perkins, and sandals from Payless. Bag is Herschel from Glue. I look very boxy in this picture.  Well, I really am. I also look like I have a long torso and short legs when in reality it's the other way around (short boxy torso, long legs) but well, there's just so much a quick stolen mall selfie can do.

Oh, and here's the coat that broke my heart - the I Love You Coat from Alannah Hill's Winter 2014 collection. It reminded me of my favourite New Yorker, Blair Waldorf. I didn't go home with it though (and did not return for it the next day/last day of sale) because I thought some parts of the tweed material (I don't know if it can be called tweed - but it's a patterned design) were already unraveling. So eventhough it was down from $520 to $150, I let it go (although I liked it so much I even had to disturb Charlene to decide :P). Also, there was only one size left - AU14, and though it fit quite comfortably, I wanted to get the next size down, AU12,  as I am, ehem, in the middle of my perpetual weight loss attempt. Never mind that so far, I've been failing miserably - damn you, Lindt and everything you represent.

So all in all, my Clear It haul totalled...$64. Past seasons, sure, dusty warehouse, yes, but that's down from around $350 if I bought everything when they first came out. 

Sixty.freaking.four.dollars. For the shorts, cardigan, and the spiked shoulder jacket. I'd say except for opshop finds, this was the best bargain I've had. 



  1. I like the Alannah Hill coat, but if it was fraying then you made the right choice! That leather jacket is gorgeous - yay for spikes! :D

    1. Such a bummer - I really like that coat. :( But...the fraying! (Btw I couldn't think of a word to describe it until you mentioned "fraying" and a lightbulb went in my head - of course!)

      I've been wearing that Dangerfield jacket nonstop since. :) Sometimes I'm worried I might prick my cheek or my ears or something if I turn my head sideways but that's just being silly right? I mean why would I turn my head sideways that much anyway!

  2. Oh I have the same problem when Ben works a lot!
    The leather jacket is my favourite! x

    1. Yeah, and my boy doesn't know how to take good pictures! :P

      Glad you're back! You didn't blog for so long. :)