Monday, March 16, 2015

What I Wore to the Curvy Couture Roadshow and Market

This will just be a short OOTD post. I am writing an article about the Curvy Couture Roadshow event for an online magazine, so my review of the runway and designer market event will be there. I will link the article here when it's up.

Update: The Australia Times - A Celebration of All Style, Shape, and All Things Curvy pages 44 - 48

I debated with myself about what to wear for weeks. I was torn between two dresses: Forever New Liarna Fit and Flare in Watermelon and my Portmans Emmy Cut Out Yoke.

In true Chel fashion, the day of the runway event, I figured since I'd be taking a lot of pictures, I should be comfortable above anything, and went with this:

Bardot striped top from Dotti, old beat-up ripped boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, and chunky platforms from Topshop. I also threw a seriously really old (like a decade-old!) cropped blazer from Mossimo on-the-way-to-and-after the event because, well, it was kinda cold. Bag was a satchel from Coach - it had to be big enough to hold my folded blazer AND my flat sandals, which I immediately changed into after the three-hour event. 

Face was simple too. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk as cover-up/foundation, which oxidised and made my face two shades darker (I probably should finish the still-almost-full bottle soon, but I hardly go out!), my favourite Chanel blush (which has been discontinued - why does every cosmetic I like get discontinued?), and a blue-toned pink lipstick from ChanelBlack eyeliner from Maybelline and my favourite eyebrow kit from ELF Cosmetics.

Also, halfway through the show I realised I was in a very strategic spot: right smack where the models enter the runway.  So yeah, I was accidentally included in so many pictures taken during the fashion show.  :P

For the Designer Market event, this was my OOTD. I did not stay long, I basically just lined up for a picture with Tess Holliday (during which I was part tongue-tied, part babbler), took a quick look at the beautiful clothes being sold, and left to catch the DFO Ultimate Weekend Sale.

Sunnies from H&M, jacket from Forever New, printed shirt (supposedly something Coco Chanel said) from a flea market back home, tie-dye jeggings from Forever 21, crossbody bag from Dangerfield, and black sandals from Payless Australia

Almost no makeup, just baby powder and my mood lipgloss from Bourjois which I got 40% off from the awesome Priceline sale.

In a nutshell, the Curvy Couture Roadshow was full of body positivity - and that was amazingly refreshing. 

Article to follow. :-)


  1. Hi Chel. Very casual and on the go outfit you have here! Love it! I've never tried boyfriend jeans before, it's just not my style. haha! Anyway, it's nice to see you're also wearing your black 2-part cleated sandals! xo

    1. Thanks Laarni! When I reached the venue, I felt way underdressed! Everyone was dressed to the nines! :)

      I like boyfriend jeans because it's tomboy-ish and casual, and because I'm rectangle/straight shaped. :)

      Finally I got to wear the sandals!

  2. Hey Chel, I just read/red that article and it was fantastic! Im very impressed!
    Also I cant believe you were sitting right near the runway entry, I must've been standing right across from you and didn't even see you!! I will blame it on the few drinks I had... Yes nothing to do with my terrible skills of observation!
    Again, well done on the article!

    1. Thank you, Charlene! <3 I had fun writing it. :)

      Yup, I was actually standing near the runway entry. I saw some accidental pictures of myself in different blogs/articles doing all sorts of crazy things like twirling my hair, scratching my arm, etc. :P

      Next CCR, I'll make sure to stalk you! :)