Monday, March 16, 2015

What I Wore to the Curvy Couture Roadshow and Market

This will just be a short OOTD post. I am writing an article about the Curvy Couture Roadshow event for an online magazine, so my review of the runway and designer market event will be there. I will link the article here when it's up.

Update: The Australia Times - A Celebration of All Style, Shape, and All Things Curvy pages 44 - 48

I debated with myself about what to wear for weeks. I was torn between two dresses: Forever New Liarna Fit and Flare in Watermelon and my Portmans Emmy Cut Out Yoke.

In true Chel fashion, the day of the runway event, I figured since I'd be taking a lot of pictures, I should be comfortable above anything, and went with this:

Bardot striped top from Dotti, old beat-up ripped boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, and chunky platforms from Topshop. I also threw a seriously really old (like a decade-old!) cropped blazer from Mossimo on-the-way-to-and-after the event because, well, it was kinda cold. Bag was a satchel from Coach - it had to be big enough to hold my folded blazer AND my flat sandals, which I immediately changed into after the three-hour event. 

Face was simple too. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk as cover-up/foundation, which oxidised and made my face two shades darker (I probably should finish the still-almost-full bottle soon, but I hardly go out!), my favourite Chanel blush (which has been discontinued - why does every cosmetic I like get discontinued?), and a blue-toned pink lipstick from ChanelBlack eyeliner from Maybelline and my favourite eyebrow kit from ELF Cosmetics.

Also, halfway through the show I realised I was in a very strategic spot: right smack where the models enter the runway.  So yeah, I was accidentally included in so many pictures taken during the fashion show.  :P

For the Designer Market event, this was my OOTD. I did not stay long, I basically just lined up for a picture with Tess Holliday (during which I was part tongue-tied, part babbler), took a quick look at the beautiful clothes being sold, and left to catch the DFO Ultimate Weekend Sale.

Sunnies from H&M, jacket from Forever New, printed shirt (supposedly something Coco Chanel said) from a flea market back home, tie-dye jeggings from Forever 21, crossbody bag from Dangerfield, and black sandals from Payless Australia

Almost no makeup, just baby powder and my mood lipgloss from Bourjois which I got 40% off from the awesome Priceline sale.

In a nutshell, the Curvy Couture Roadshow was full of body positivity - and that was amazingly refreshing. 

Article to follow. :-)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Aussie Curves - Investment Piece

When it comes to clothes, I am easy to please. I am happy with Forever 21Valley Girl, flea market finds and factory brand overruns (back home).

My investment pieces tend to be not clothes, but accessories. I am not a bag person, but I am willing to spend a bit more because I normally use a bag until it falls apart. I buy maybe one bag a year on average. My most favourite bag is my Cambridge red satchel which does not hold much but look ultra cool. However, it would take up so much space so I had to leave it back home when I moved.

I brought a grand total of four bags to Australia - a very roomy Coach (purchased half-off at the Coach outlet store in Hongkong three years ago) which I bring with me when I feel like I should attempt to be a bit fancy, a polka dot Michael Kors market tote which I bought discounted from a friend who went to the States (I bought it because, well, polka dots), a Lacoste tote with handles that are too short for me, and my beat-up Jansport backpack from my CSUB library days (I was studying for a standardised exam - I have since taken two more, and now I am preparing for another in July - eventhough the chances are slim that I will even get to use it; why I subject myself to this torture I don't really know)

Guess which ones are rotting in the closet, and which which one I use all the time?

I have since bought a Herschel market tote (50% off at Glue), a sling body bag from Dangerfield, and a crossbody bag from the Mango sale (I swear , Mango Australia is bleeding me dry - they have to get rid of all their stocks before they close down and everything is discounted, the jeans are now $35/pair at Mango QV store! I even found knits for $10/each - almost the same as op shop prices!). These are all on heavy rotation, especially the Dangerfield crossbody which I have used in most of my OOTDs.

Last Christmas season, I fell in-love with this Fossil bag, but it was full-priced at around $260. I could not afford it, and told myself I'd wait for the Boxing Day sales, maybe they'd be heavily discounted. Boxing Day came, but they were not discounted at all. I let it go, and forgot about it. Until the DFO Ultimate Weekend. After lining up to get a picture with Tess Holliday at the Curvy Couture Designer Market, I proceeded to DFO Southwharf to check out the sales. And lo and behold, Fossil was offering 30% off on top of the discounted price! I took my time choosing (if I had more money I would have bought more than one bag - suffice it to say that I am saving up for the next DFO Ultimate Weekend) and finally settled on this:

It was the Morgan top zip body bag, original price was $299 - I got it for $140. Steal, right? Considering that when I wander around Myer, I see clothes priced at that range, and this is a leather bag! By the way, I still cannot wrap my head around the idea of paying almost $200 for, like, a dress. Outerwear, sure, shoes, oh yes, especially if they're Dr. Martens (which, by the way, are my real investment pieces, but you're probably sick of me blabbing about those babies so I chose to feature something new), jeans, maybe, but a skirt or a dress? Maybe someday when (notice I used when, not if - claiming it!) The Guru and I are rolling in dough. ;-)

I also picked up this Forever New kitty biker jacket on a discount, from $269 to around $120. I love that it's a nice, soft leather. However I am still deciding whether to keep it or not because of the colour - is porcelain leather too high maintenance? 

I have never own a leather article of clothing prior so I don't know if this will be a bitch to clean. What do you think? Oh, and has anyone tried buying leather jacket from the Queen Vic Market? Please share your experience! I want a black one for fall, and I am thinking of buying from a stall there. I have been waiting for Forever New to reissue the black version of this kitty biker jacket which was available last year, but I was not in the market for a biker jacket then. It seems like they are just going with this porcelain one this year, though, and the Jessie quilted biker that they currently have looks a bit bulky. 

Speaking of things I am deciding whether or not to keep, how about this chunky leather sandals from Bul? I got it on clearance from Myer, down from $320 to $113. I was supposed to wear them at the CCRunway event but remembered I still have not worn my Topshop platforms so I went with those instead. Is the price drop enough to justify keeping these or not? They're surprisingly comfortable, but I'm just hesitating because I could see the glue peeking from the sides of the sandals. You'd think for something that's originally priced $320, they will at least be double-stitched, no?

So that's it - my latest investment piece. Check out the other investment pieces by the gorgeous Aussie Curves girls below. :-)