Sunday, February 8, 2015

You're So Beautiful, A Beautiful F*cked Up Man

On February 4 this year, one of my music-related dreams came true: I watched Sarah McLachlan perform in person here in Melbourne.
I grew up with grunge, sure, but Sarah was one of the few "sappy" singers I liked. I honestly can't think of a song of hers that I do not like. My favourite song of all time is Angel, and I was very happy when she mentioned during the concert that it's also her favourite!
I will leave the review of the concert to actual music critics, but let me just say that as expected, she was beyond amazing. She sang most of her popular songs like Building A Mystery, Adia, Hold On, etc. and some songs from her new album, Shine On
She was so cute! She was gushing about how she's currently inlove and how she met her boyfriend. The story initially made me think she fell in-love with a non-celebrity suburban man but it turned out her boyfriend is a former professional ice hockey player.
She also poked fun at herself and her songs several times, calling them depressing. She's one of the few gifted musicians who can sing about pain and make it sound so darn beautiful.
When one of the four winners of the Facebook contest asked her what's her current favourite song, she replied, It's All About That Bass, and sang a few verse from the controversial song. She said she likes the song because of it's positive message.
So darn cute. It felt like we were just hanging out with her in her living room. ♥
We were not allowed to take pictures (and I'm an obedient girl) so this snapshot of the stage before Butterfly Boucher opened for Sarah was all I was able to get:

Here's me in the tram on my way to Arts Centre Melbourne, looking badass (actually I was just annoyed at the sun)

One of the rare times I actually wore lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure Insolente. This is one of my two favourite shades (Shu Uemura pk345 is the other one) and has since been discontinued - almost all the makeup products I fall in-love with all end up getting discontinued. Do I have weird taste? Thankfully it still hasn't gone bad but I should use it more often before it does.

Parka from Forever New, shirt from Mango, jeans from American Eagle Outfitters,, Converse Chuck Taylors and sling bag from Dangerfield.
Wonderful concert, beautiful singing voice - definitely a magical night heaps better than ice cream. ♥

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