Sunday, February 8, 2015

Aussie Curves : Stripes; Lebanese Food, Puffy Face, and Twelve Years of Bliss

So tomorrow, we celebrate our 12th anniversary. Yes, it's been 12 years since The Guru and I got together. We've come a long way - literally (Philippines to Australia, with brief periods of US/Europe/Israel stay in between) and figuratively - since.
Most of my closest friends are boys. I have a few girl friends, but the people I hung out with most often were two boys from pre-med. One of my bestfriends in the world and whom I probably sent the most SMS/Yahoo Chat/Facebook message (he still hasn't discovered the technology that's called Instant Messaging until now) to is male. It was imperative that the person I'd end up with be okay with me hanging out with guys.
And that's The Guru. Not only is he okay with me having all my male friends, over the years, they have become his friends as well. That, in addition to him being the kindest, nicest, and the most intelligent person I know makes me really proud to be his girl.
He also has really cute dimples so deep you can put M&M inside and it won't fall, but you're probably throwing up by now.
Ok, cheese off.
To celebrate in advance, we went to our favourite Lebanese restaurant in Sydney Road, Tiba's.

I'm a big meat lover, and formerly carb-holic The Guru is now following suit. We like Tiba's because the prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. Admittedly, the service could be improved (took a long time to give us water, wait staff forgot the pizza that came with our order, etc) but it still was a really nice meal.

Tiba house special (top and middle plates), lamb cutlets (bottom plate), baklava, complimentary pita

Salty yoghurt that went really well with the


#FatKids :P
My outfit:

Striped long-ish crop top (or crop-ish? Either way, I think this top is very cute! ) from Valley Girl, boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, chunky wedges from Forever New, parka from H&M, belt from Dorothy Perkins.

So yeah, fat girls CAN wear stripes - and crop tops! Puffy face don't care.


  1. Such a cute look Chel, I love those shoes! Ohhh and how I miss the Lebanese places on Sydney Rd. I haven't lived in Melbourne since 2001, but I'm sure they're still just as good. The service is always bad.... hahahaha.... no matter which one you go to! But, hey, the food is so good it makes up for it in the end ;)

    1. Thanks, Alison! I kept putting off wearing the chunky sandals because they're white and I'm lazy but then I realised it's almost autumn. :D Yeah, service was bad but the food was worth it - and such huge portions! I left the restaurant feeling like my tummy was bursting! :D

  2. That's such a cute tee! Now I'm hungry ;-)

    1. Thanks! I think so too! :) And pretty good quality for Valley Girl. Got it 50% off at $10. Got a backup (I'm weird like that) because I thought the sunflower print is going to come off easily. It's holding up pretty well so far. :)

      I seem to be always eating! :D Which is actually kinda true. :P