Saturday, February 21, 2015

Agent Mystery Case : Boot Scootin Babe

Boot Scootin' Babe

Object Collectors Item jean jacket
100 AUD -

Accessorize black socks
10 AUD -

Dr. Martens ankle booties
175 AUD -

The Cambridge Satchel Company leather satchel
235 AUD -

Chain necklace
19 AUD -

Forever 21 bracelet charm
8.79 AUD -

Prada eyeglass
410 AUD -

Linea knit hat
7.05 AUD -

Nars cosmetic
47 AUD -

I was incredibly excited for this week's challenge - boots. So excited I actually made another set. That set though is if I were in a dream world where I can just snap my fingers and have everything I want.

Oh wait - that's Polyvore.

When it comes to boots,  my heart belongs to Dr. Martens.. For this look, I played around with the iconic Cherry Red 1460s - perfect colour for Autumn.

I chose Grace for this look because the simple silhouette complements the toughness of the boots. This little black dress is truly a perfect canvas for countless outfit ideas. With a blazer and pumps for the office, a market tote and pair of Havaianas for quick errands, or with killer heels and statement pearls for date nights.

This look is perfect for me when I go to the library or a coffee shop to read. It's the end of Summer, but I live in Melbourne which is famous for its unpredictable weather - just yesterday, after a sudden heavy downpour that lasted maybe ten minutes and wet our clothes in the line, the sun came out and shone like a boss the rest of the afternoon. An outerwear is always a must. I probably have seven denim jackets in my closet, ranging in size from Uk18 to Uniqlo Small. I wear everything, depending on the look I want to achieve (90s loose grungy faded denim, sweet schoolgirl fitted, etc.)

I wash my hair everyday - even during Winter - but usually don't bother to style it. This is where beanie comes to the rescue. I am cursed blessed with wavy hair (my mom has long, luscious, straight healthy hair and big boobs - mine come from my dad's side of the family) that sometimes has a mind of its own, and it's such a relief to just hide most of it under a beanie. I'm envisioning wild hair partly tamed by the ombre beanie, whose colours brighten the face yet also go with the fall theme.

I have a large Cambridge red satchel back home. Very cute, very preppy, but usually does not hold all of my stuff. But this bag will be perfect for a trip to the library.

I normally do not wear a necklace, but I'd be so thrilled to have this one from Etsy. The message is correct - books turn me on. And so do geeky men with beautiful faces hidden behind thick eyeglasses. But I digress. ;-)  I also have a small collection of cord and leather bracelets from everywhere really, even random flea markets. I used to be big on the arm party trend, until I misplaced them one by one. Story of my life.

Fortunately, last time I had my eyes checked, I still had perfect 20/20 vision. But in the name of style and fashion, I'd throw in a Lisa Loeb-esque circa '90s pair of eyeglasses.

I'd complete the look with oxblood lipstick from the Nars Audacious collection, for that hint of goth.

Oh how fun! See you next week! :-)


  1. I love Polyvore for wish listing with my wardrobe. I'm loving everything about your style this week, especially the glasses. I went through a stage in my 20s of wearing glasses well the frames when I didn't need them. Now I need them and I'd rather not wear them. lol

    1. Thank you! I actually had that phase too. :P In face, I still have black-rimmed hipster glasses but I haven't worn them in two or three years. I remember when I was a kid too I was envious of other kids with glasses! :D

  2. That's one cool look Chel, very Melbourne! I love the satchel with the cherry DMs. Ahhhh they were the first pair of DMs I owned. And of course, marsala IS the Pantone colour of the year! ;)

    1. LOVE my Cherry DMs too, and incredibly excited for autumn! :-) Marsala is not my favourite colour in clothing though - I think it doesn't suit me. But I would love to have that ombre beanie! :)

      Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year. <3