Saturday, February 14, 2015

Agent Mystery Case : Be My Valentine and my Happy Valentine's Parsley

Agent Mystery : Be My Valentine
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Vero Moda black jacket
220 AUD -

Valentino red pumps
1 350 AUD -

Chanel purse
7 355 AUD -

By Malene Birger stainless steel bracelet
195 AUD -

Kate spade jewelry
62 AUD -

The Guru and I have been together for 12 years, and we have never celebrated a single Valentines Day out. I have never received flowers or chocolates either. This morning, he was telling me this story about how he found it so ridiculous that one of his former officemates was gushing over the Ecuadorian roses that her husband gave her for V Day, and I snapped - yeah, because you have never given me flowers! He said initially he thought it was a waste of money to buy overpriced flowers, and then it kind of became a tradition so he just continued the (non) practice.

Truth be told, though, I'm also not a flowers-and-chocolates girl. I'd rather get a bouquet of Doc Martens. :P

Full disclosure: yesterday, Valentines Day 2015, I spent the day in my shorts and singlet loungewear from Target,  cooked baked spaghetti (which The Guru inhaled)

and bought potted parsley from Aldi.

The parsley does not signify anything, I just thought I was going to use it for a seafood pasta dish which I ended up not making! :) The heart-shaped bin is from that wonderful amazeballs wasteland that is Daiso, where everything is $2.80, so you end up buying a ton of cutesy stuff you really don't need but can't go home without.

Because we basically stayed home the whole weekend (except for a quick trip to the market), this was the perfect week for me to join the Agent Mystery Case Style ChallengeAlison told me about this challenge two weeks ago, and I was supposed to join the Taking Flight challenge, but I could not figure out how to import the little black dress I was going to use. 

You'd think being with one of the geekiest guys in Melbourne for 12 years would rub off on me, no?

Anyway, here is what I'd wear if I were to go out on a true-blue candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day!

My body shape is more aptly described as "refrigerator-shaped" (you know, straight, no boobs) but since it's not among the choices, I chose from the columnar category. 

The Gabriella dress is the perfect dress for my body type - fitted top, round neck (V-neck makes my non-existent chest look, well, flatter), full skirt, and with sleeves! I normally veer away from cap sleeves but the sleeve length of this one looks forgiving. The fit-and-flare cut also gives one the illusion of having curves - I should know, almost ALL my dresses come in this shape.  Plus, I love the swishing effect of a full skirt when twirling  walking - so feminine, so princess-y! 

I normally wear minimal to no jewelry because I'm a klutz and I tend to lose them, so I am accessorising this look with just a pair of sweet heart-shaped (because it's Valentines!) earrings and gold bangles. Hair is up in a sleek, high ponytail, which would be refreshing in a sea of girls with wavy, sultry come-hither hairstyles.

I do not wear red lipstick because I think it does not suit my puffy face features, but since it's a virtual make-believe and in this magical world, everything will look marvelous on me, I'd be rocking MAC Ruby Woo. The perfect blue-based matte lipstick. When you have a shade as striking as this, you really do not need anything else.

I'm throwing in a biker jacket in this set because, well, autumn is near (yay!) and I really want one. This I am on the lookout for one that's preferably real leather,  not so boxy/puffy, and does not cost an arm, a leg, and my future kids' college tuition. Something similar to this jacket from Vero Moda but with a physical shop so I can try it beforehand. Forever New has white and pink leather jackets in the stores right now, but I think I'd save myself the drycleaning bills (because, again, Ms Klutz!) and wait for a black version. If they don't bring that back, there's always Topshop. I also saw stalls at the Queen Victoria Market selling supposedly real leather jackets, with prices ranging from $100 - $300. We'll see.

My favourite piece in this set would have to be the Valentino Rockstud Pump. I literally gasped  when I first saw these on Instagram.  (By the way, I'm a shoe whore.) The sickest, toughest, coolest heels ever.  I am almost sure though that this type of shoes will not really look good on my size US10/Aus9 feet so I will just drool from afar - to the delight of The Guru's wallet! :D

Oh, and the Chanel flap bag? Well, I can dream, can't I?

Hope everyone had fun on Valentine's Day! :)


  1. Love your style! Thanks so much for playing along. I could definitely see myself wearing this.

    1. Thank you! It was great fun! Expect me to play along often! :D

    2. Congratulations on 12 years together. We don't normally celebrate in a big way either. Hubby was full of grand ideas this year and we did head out for breakfast but it was also for a review on the blog, so felt a lot like work to me.

    3. Congratulations on 12 years together. We don't normally celebrate in a big way either. Hubby was full of grand ideas this year and we did head out for breakfast but it was also for a review on the blog, so felt a lot like work to me.

    4. Thank you! :) It's actually not straight two years - with a break of 2 years, but since we still talked and were still together all the time even if we were on a "break" we don't count that anymore. :P

      The non-celebration started back home, in SE Asia, because the already congested traffic is even more horrible during V Day that it seems not worth it to go through all the fuss! Plus, we're really both geeks, and we're perfectly happy sitting in front of each other typing away! :D