Saturday, February 21, 2015

Agent Mystery Case : Boot Scootin Babe

Boot Scootin' Babe

Object Collectors Item jean jacket
100 AUD -

Accessorize black socks
10 AUD -

Dr. Martens ankle booties
175 AUD -

The Cambridge Satchel Company leather satchel
235 AUD -

Chain necklace
19 AUD -

Forever 21 bracelet charm
8.79 AUD -

Prada eyeglass
410 AUD -

Linea knit hat
7.05 AUD -

Nars cosmetic
47 AUD -

I was incredibly excited for this week's challenge - boots. So excited I actually made another set. That set though is if I were in a dream world where I can just snap my fingers and have everything I want.

Oh wait - that's Polyvore.

When it comes to boots,  my heart belongs to Dr. Martens.. For this look, I played around with the iconic Cherry Red 1460s - perfect colour for Autumn.

I chose Grace for this look because the simple silhouette complements the toughness of the boots. This little black dress is truly a perfect canvas for countless outfit ideas. With a blazer and pumps for the office, a market tote and pair of Havaianas for quick errands, or with killer heels and statement pearls for date nights.

This look is perfect for me when I go to the library or a coffee shop to read. It's the end of Summer, but I live in Melbourne which is famous for its unpredictable weather - just yesterday, after a sudden heavy downpour that lasted maybe ten minutes and wet our clothes in the line, the sun came out and shone like a boss the rest of the afternoon. An outerwear is always a must. I probably have seven denim jackets in my closet, ranging in size from Uk18 to Uniqlo Small. I wear everything, depending on the look I want to achieve (90s loose grungy faded denim, sweet schoolgirl fitted, etc.)

I wash my hair everyday - even during Winter - but usually don't bother to style it. This is where beanie comes to the rescue. I am cursed blessed with wavy hair (my mom has long, luscious, straight healthy hair and big boobs - mine come from my dad's side of the family) that sometimes has a mind of its own, and it's such a relief to just hide most of it under a beanie. I'm envisioning wild hair partly tamed by the ombre beanie, whose colours brighten the face yet also go with the fall theme.

I have a large Cambridge red satchel back home. Very cute, very preppy, but usually does not hold all of my stuff. But this bag will be perfect for a trip to the library.

I normally do not wear a necklace, but I'd be so thrilled to have this one from Etsy. The message is correct - books turn me on. And so do geeky men with beautiful faces hidden behind thick eyeglasses. But I digress. ;-)  I also have a small collection of cord and leather bracelets from everywhere really, even random flea markets. I used to be big on the arm party trend, until I misplaced them one by one. Story of my life.

Fortunately, last time I had my eyes checked, I still had perfect 20/20 vision. But in the name of style and fashion, I'd throw in a Lisa Loeb-esque circa '90s pair of eyeglasses.

I'd complete the look with oxblood lipstick from the Nars Audacious collection, for that hint of goth.

Oh how fun! See you next week! :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Agent Mystery Case : Be My Valentine and my Happy Valentine's Parsley

Agent Mystery : Be My Valentine
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Vero Moda black jacket
220 AUD -

Valentino red pumps
1 350 AUD -

Chanel purse
7 355 AUD -

By Malene Birger stainless steel bracelet
195 AUD -

Kate spade jewelry
62 AUD -

The Guru and I have been together for 12 years, and we have never celebrated a single Valentines Day out. I have never received flowers or chocolates either. This morning, he was telling me this story about how he found it so ridiculous that one of his former officemates was gushing over the Ecuadorian roses that her husband gave her for V Day, and I snapped - yeah, because you have never given me flowers! He said initially he thought it was a waste of money to buy overpriced flowers, and then it kind of became a tradition so he just continued the (non) practice.

Truth be told, though, I'm also not a flowers-and-chocolates girl. I'd rather get a bouquet of Doc Martens. :P

Full disclosure: yesterday, Valentines Day 2015, I spent the day in my shorts and singlet loungewear from Target,  cooked baked spaghetti (which The Guru inhaled)

and bought potted parsley from Aldi.

The parsley does not signify anything, I just thought I was going to use it for a seafood pasta dish which I ended up not making! :) The heart-shaped bin is from that wonderful amazeballs wasteland that is Daiso, where everything is $2.80, so you end up buying a ton of cutesy stuff you really don't need but can't go home without.

Because we basically stayed home the whole weekend (except for a quick trip to the market), this was the perfect week for me to join the Agent Mystery Case Style ChallengeAlison told me about this challenge two weeks ago, and I was supposed to join the Taking Flight challenge, but I could not figure out how to import the little black dress I was going to use. 

You'd think being with one of the geekiest guys in Melbourne for 12 years would rub off on me, no?

Anyway, here is what I'd wear if I were to go out on a true-blue candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day!

My body shape is more aptly described as "refrigerator-shaped" (you know, straight, no boobs) but since it's not among the choices, I chose from the columnar category. 

The Gabriella dress is the perfect dress for my body type - fitted top, round neck (V-neck makes my non-existent chest look, well, flatter), full skirt, and with sleeves! I normally veer away from cap sleeves but the sleeve length of this one looks forgiving. The fit-and-flare cut also gives one the illusion of having curves - I should know, almost ALL my dresses come in this shape.  Plus, I love the swishing effect of a full skirt when twirling  walking - so feminine, so princess-y! 

I normally wear minimal to no jewelry because I'm a klutz and I tend to lose them, so I am accessorising this look with just a pair of sweet heart-shaped (because it's Valentines!) earrings and gold bangles. Hair is up in a sleek, high ponytail, which would be refreshing in a sea of girls with wavy, sultry come-hither hairstyles.

I do not wear red lipstick because I think it does not suit my puffy face features, but since it's a virtual make-believe and in this magical world, everything will look marvelous on me, I'd be rocking MAC Ruby Woo. The perfect blue-based matte lipstick. When you have a shade as striking as this, you really do not need anything else.

I'm throwing in a biker jacket in this set because, well, autumn is near (yay!) and I really want one. This I am on the lookout for one that's preferably real leather,  not so boxy/puffy, and does not cost an arm, a leg, and my future kids' college tuition. Something similar to this jacket from Vero Moda but with a physical shop so I can try it beforehand. Forever New has white and pink leather jackets in the stores right now, but I think I'd save myself the drycleaning bills (because, again, Ms Klutz!) and wait for a black version. If they don't bring that back, there's always Topshop. I also saw stalls at the Queen Victoria Market selling supposedly real leather jackets, with prices ranging from $100 - $300. We'll see.

My favourite piece in this set would have to be the Valentino Rockstud Pump. I literally gasped  when I first saw these on Instagram.  (By the way, I'm a shoe whore.) The sickest, toughest, coolest heels ever.  I am almost sure though that this type of shoes will not really look good on my size US10/Aus9 feet so I will just drool from afar - to the delight of The Guru's wallet! :D

Oh, and the Chanel flap bag? Well, I can dream, can't I?

Hope everyone had fun on Valentine's Day! :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Aussie Curves - Festival: So I start a revolution from my head...

I've attended quite a number of concerts, but only one music festival. Before Midsumma, my idea of what I'd wear for the Festival theme is something like this. Very Angela Chase. Very My So-Called Life. The one TV show I could relate to growing up.

Ah, the hallway scene. Nothing else can make my inner adolescent shriek.

In my mind, I was Angela Chase. I wanted crimson hairbabydoll dresses with boots - I wanted a a Jordan Catalano. I got the hair - well, there was no Crimson Glow available, so I made do with a reddish shade from either Revlon or L'oreal. I got the plaid dresses. I got the boots.

But I had no Jordan Catalano.

Actually, I did not have a boyfriend until I was already in grad school. And when I took off my Angela goggles I discovered I was more into (and ended up with) the Brian Krakow type. You know, highly intelligent, geeky, and just a touch socially awkward, but I digress.

In the real world, I'd only wear a dress if I don't have to sit in the grass. Plus, I'd have to wear undergarment slips - either the skirt version called "half slip" or the shorts, petti leg slip or "pantilet" - because well, I grew up wearing pantilets. Either those or cycling shorts. It was actually the norm back home - at least in my small town. All girls wore one under school uniforms. And they're ridiculously inexpensive, like $1-$2 for cotton ones.

When I moved to Manila for college,  I carried on the practice to the amusement of my friends (Manila was less conservative) and to this day, I'm not comfortable wearing a dress or a skirt without something other than panties underneath.

So it'd be more practical to wear shorts. Also, I learned that most festivals are held during summer, so the black tights? Not really a good idea.

With this in mind, I engaged in a DIY project - denim shorts. I have several pairs of denim shorts, but they don't fit well anymore and I've earmarked them for donation. I had a pair of boyfriend jeans that I bought on sale from Hot Options/Target for $10. They were cute but I tossed them inside the closet after I bought them, forgot about them, and now they ended up being too slouchy on me. Story of my life. I have been meaning to cut them off, but was always apprehensive because I thought it'd be a waste to do so. But then it'd make less sense to let them gather dust unworn, no?

So I cut them off

folded the hem, did some sloppy stitches (I can't sew to save my life), and voila - denim shorts. Looking at the picture I think I should have folded the hem up even more to create better proportion, but this will do for now.

I'm also wearing my mint top from Emerson at Big W, on clearance for around $3 or $4 a few months ago. It looks like the sticker would come off easily, but it's intact so far. The shirt says

Never Stop Dreaming.

Or, in Aunty Acid's words, "Don't give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping." :P

The blue parka is from Forever New - I had a coupon for 15% off, so I got this for around $128. A few weeks after I bought the blue, they annoyingly came out with a black version.  I couldn't resist, bought one, then came to senses and returned them. I just tell myself I don't like shiny black fabric with shiny gold hardware anyway. The parka has deep pockets too, so you can get away with not bringing a bag and just put your wallet, mobile phone, and most important - your sunblock stick - inside the pockets. The hood and the waterproof fabric will protect me against sudden outbursts - hey, I live in Melbourne. It's true what they say, if you don't like the weather in Melbourne, wait five minutes!

Of course, the star of this outfit is my pair of floral Doc Martens Mini Tydee. They are perfect for music festivals and other outdoors-y activities because the soles are oil, fat, acid, petrol, alkali resistant (albeit not proof). These were actually the first pair I got when I arrived here in Australia. I got them last year from the Glue Clearance store in QV Square on sale for I think $130. I just realised I got everything in this picture on discount! Incidentally, the store is currently having their End of Lease sale, so you might want to check that out. They did not have any Doc Martens left when I checked out the sale though.

I did not experience any pain or blisters, no breaking-in period for this pair of boots, but this could be because of the softer leather material and that they're a full size larger than my usual 1460 Dr. Martens size. Actually, I just found out that I'm a UK6.5 for the 1460, and a UK6 for the 1461 and the 8065 Mary Janes so this particular pair is actually 1.5 sizes larger. Nothing that a pair of really thick socks won't solve though.

Speaking of music, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame is going to have a concert here in Melbourne this month. I was a fan of Bright Eyes, but admittedly not able to follow his career afterwards. I might still go, though, since I live very near the Melbourne Zoo anyway. The announcement says it's going to be an all-weather event, so this outfit will be perfect!

Keep rockin', everyone, and hope you're all enjoying your Valentines Day. ♥♥♥


So I've been revisiting MSCL (it seems to be a twice a year thing for me, like my tradition to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind every Valentines Day) and I just noticed that the lead singer of Buffalo Tom looks like Mark Zuckerberg. So if you want to see how Mark will look twenty years from now, look for current pictures of Bill Janovitz. :D

Sunday, February 8, 2015

You're So Beautiful, A Beautiful F*cked Up Man

On February 4 this year, one of my music-related dreams came true: I watched Sarah McLachlan perform in person here in Melbourne.
I grew up with grunge, sure, but Sarah was one of the few "sappy" singers I liked. I honestly can't think of a song of hers that I do not like. My favourite song of all time is Angel, and I was very happy when she mentioned during the concert that it's also her favourite!
I will leave the review of the concert to actual music critics, but let me just say that as expected, she was beyond amazing. She sang most of her popular songs like Building A Mystery, Adia, Hold On, etc. and some songs from her new album, Shine On
She was so cute! She was gushing about how she's currently inlove and how she met her boyfriend. The story initially made me think she fell in-love with a non-celebrity suburban man but it turned out her boyfriend is a former professional ice hockey player.
She also poked fun at herself and her songs several times, calling them depressing. She's one of the few gifted musicians who can sing about pain and make it sound so darn beautiful.
When one of the four winners of the Facebook contest asked her what's her current favourite song, she replied, It's All About That Bass, and sang a few verse from the controversial song. She said she likes the song because of it's positive message.
So darn cute. It felt like we were just hanging out with her in her living room. ♥
We were not allowed to take pictures (and I'm an obedient girl) so this snapshot of the stage before Butterfly Boucher opened for Sarah was all I was able to get:

Here's me in the tram on my way to Arts Centre Melbourne, looking badass (actually I was just annoyed at the sun)

One of the rare times I actually wore lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure Insolente. This is one of my two favourite shades (Shu Uemura pk345 is the other one) and has since been discontinued - almost all the makeup products I fall in-love with all end up getting discontinued. Do I have weird taste? Thankfully it still hasn't gone bad but I should use it more often before it does.

Parka from Forever New, shirt from Mango, jeans from American Eagle Outfitters,, Converse Chuck Taylors and sling bag from Dangerfield.
Wonderful concert, beautiful singing voice - definitely a magical night heaps better than ice cream. ♥

Aussie Curves : Stripes; Lebanese Food, Puffy Face, and Twelve Years of Bliss

So tomorrow, we celebrate our 12th anniversary. Yes, it's been 12 years since The Guru and I got together. We've come a long way - literally (Philippines to Australia, with brief periods of US/Europe/Israel stay in between) and figuratively - since.
Most of my closest friends are boys. I have a few girl friends, but the people I hung out with most often were two boys from pre-med. One of my bestfriends in the world and whom I probably sent the most SMS/Yahoo Chat/Facebook message (he still hasn't discovered the technology that's called Instant Messaging until now) to is male. It was imperative that the person I'd end up with be okay with me hanging out with guys.
And that's The Guru. Not only is he okay with me having all my male friends, over the years, they have become his friends as well. That, in addition to him being the kindest, nicest, and the most intelligent person I know makes me really proud to be his girl.
He also has really cute dimples so deep you can put M&M inside and it won't fall, but you're probably throwing up by now.
Ok, cheese off.
To celebrate in advance, we went to our favourite Lebanese restaurant in Sydney Road, Tiba's.

I'm a big meat lover, and formerly carb-holic The Guru is now following suit. We like Tiba's because the prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. Admittedly, the service could be improved (took a long time to give us water, wait staff forgot the pizza that came with our order, etc) but it still was a really nice meal.

Tiba house special (top and middle plates), lamb cutlets (bottom plate), baklava, complimentary pita

Salty yoghurt that went really well with the


#FatKids :P
My outfit:

Striped long-ish crop top (or crop-ish? Either way, I think this top is very cute! ) from Valley Girl, boyfriend jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, chunky wedges from Forever New, parka from H&M, belt from Dorothy Perkins.

So yeah, fat girls CAN wear stripes - and crop tops! Puffy face don't care.