Friday, January 9, 2015

Myer Dressing Room Adventures + Dorkiest Picture Ever...Or So Far!

So one of my goals this 2015 is to be frugal - that means no shopping unless necessary! Good thing Valley Girl Emporium's 50% sale off everything promo is finished! I bought heaps of plain singlets in different colours, padded singlets, and coverups last month! While I don't really think their flimsy stuff are worth it if I have to purchase them full-priced (the quality of the items reminds me too much of 168 Mall stuff, which I could get back home dirt-cheap), but at 50% off, sure, bring it.

I am holding my favourite Valley Girl find - a striped top with sunflower design for $9.99! The fabric is thick (yay!) but the design is not digitally printed and looks like it will fade after a few washes. So what did I do? I bought back-ups! I know, I am weird. But when I find something I like, and I can afford to (well, in this case, it's not even $10), I buy a back-up.
Jacket and sandals from Forever New, AU14. Skirt from French Connection, AU14, op-shopped for around $13 (pretty much the most expensive item I ever bought from an op shop), plain black shirt from Big W, headband from Colette Hayman.
But I digress.
Yesterday, on my way to the library, I passed by Myer. Now Myer is not among my favourite stores - I think their prices are too steep. The few times I bought from them, they were usually discounted items which I ended up returning - awesome 30-day return policy, by the way. I think I only kept one - a heavy lined Winter short skirt from Piper which was so heavily discounted (I think I got it for $15, down from $100+) I couldn't walk away from it. Plus, I fit into a size AU12, when at that time, I was probably AU16! Yes, size is just a number, but sometimes, it makes a girl feel good. Suffice it to say that the people who invented vanity sizing is sheer genius.
The clearance rack - so conveniently placed near the Myer-Melbourne walkway caught my eye. Especially this dress from Cooper St, which was reduced from $159 + take 30% further and came down to....$59.
This is called the Never Stop Skater Dress from Cooper St.
A closer look at the floral print - and my massive arms! Don't worry, I plan to wear a coverup with this dress. :P

So I debated with myself (like always) whether or not to buy it.
Pros: I like the fit-and-flare skater style. I think that flatters me. Halter neck is fine, since I'm going to be wearing a jacket or a cardigan. Huge discount.
Cons: It's floral - I normally don't like floral. It's in a size AU10/US6 - by no stretch of imagination (and fabric) can I be a size AU10! Eventhough the fabric is stretchy, I still couldn't zip it up. But goal dress, maybe?
So what did I end up doing?
Well, I took it home, figured I have a month to decide (and then check if I can finally fit into it!), and then just return if it still won't fit after a month. Yay for Myer's 30 day return policy!
By the way, I know I'm always in awe at how easy it is to return a product due to Change of Mind here in Australia. Back home, the item could be damaged, and you'd still get dagger looks if you try to return or exchange it!

Here's another dress I tried, but didn't like because it made me look all sorts of weird (droopy flat boobs - an oxymoron, really; wrong length; weird neck cut)

I've always wanted to try Hi There by Karen Walker because of the fun, feminine yet quirky style but I can't afford it. Now that I can probably afford one (after heavy discounts!) it made me look like I was in a house dress. :P Oh well, maybe someday. ♥
Here's what I wore - it was a cold Melbourne day. A welcome respite from this heatwave we've been having (42C, seriously?!)

Striped long sleeved top from Bossini HK. Jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. Sandals from Forever New.

Oh, and as promised, the dorkiest picture so far:
I wanted to show my friend how the jeans I bought from the recent Mango sale look like ($40/pair all jeans!) and I did not have a full-length mirror, so I stood in a foot stool so my reflection could reach the bathroom mirror. :P Can you see me?

Closer look:

Long post - once upon a time, an American boy told me I can talk for Asia - I think he was right. :P

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