Friday, January 23, 2015

Kebabs, Cheesecake, and Aussie Curves : Clashing Patterns

For this week's Aussie Curves, I was supposed to wear

A striped Dotti top, floral Valley Girl skirt, Chuck Taylors and a beat-up Jansport backpack.
But then I decided against going to the library yesterday because of headache and ended up wearing another pattern-clashing outfit at home

Striped singlet and shorts with geisha print from Target.
Today is the start of the long weekend, and I have The Guru all to myself. I had a clear agenda in mind: Mediterranean Wholesalers.
Melbourne is amazingly beautiful, but if I were to choose one place that I consider dearest to my heart, it will have to be this. Or maybe Queen Victoria Market, non-peak tourist season. But this is a close, close second. I can spend hours just browsing! I always end up buying the same things, though - jars of anchovies (because The Guru really likes his caesar salad), olives, pizza sauce (0.99/can!), tomato puree, sopressa salami , dried herbs, gnocchi, capers, olives, artichokes, and my favourite snack, gherkins.
Yes, I eat gherkins for snack. And sometimes jarred artichokes. I'm weird like that.
Today though, we had another plan: the coffee shop. I have been craving for cheesecake the past few days, and I read that the best cheesecakes in Melbourne can be found in the suburbs with a strong Italian community. To stave off my craving, I had the brilliant (I think so!) idea of melting a block of Philly cream cheese and mixing with strawberry Jelly Lite melted in water and chilled for several hours. It turned out yummy - even The Guru said so. So yummy I should not make it regularly as a block of cream cheese every few days won't really do our expanding waistlines a favour.
But I digress.
So because the store closes at 2PM, and it was already past 12PM, we decided to go there first. In the words of one of my favourite bloggers from back home, dessert comes first - especially when they look like these:

Yummy baked goods, and inexpensive too! But we had a mission:

Baked berry cheesecake, Ricotta nutella tart, flat white (mine) and Espresso (The Guru's)

I've had better coffee (Market Lane ruined all other flat whites for me), the tart was nice, but what made my heart sing was the baked berry cheesecake. It was everything I dreamt of - and more. The only flaw I could think of was that it came in a small-ish (relative to my intense craving) slice. :P
Of course, we remedied the situation by taking away another slice. Plus a slice of baked lemon cheesecake. Sssssh....The Guru ambitiously announced that he would make the cheesecakes last two days - in an attempt to assuage his guilt.
Of course, I just rolled my eyes at him.
After getting our Italian staples (now that I think of it, we don't even have Filipino staples - went to a Filipino store a grand total of ONCE in almost a year of living here!) we proceeded to (still) our favourite kebab place.
We first heard of Town Hall kebab when The Anthony Bourdain featured it in No Reservations. We've been back three times since. We tried another kebab place (can you tell we like kebabs?) last week, but it was just ok. Another place in the area we like is Tibas, where we had glorious lamb chops and where we were served pita bread to last us a year. :P

Our chicken kebab and lamb kebab, and a close up of my lamb kebab. Still yummy and huge - and that's never a problem with us!
While eating, we also saw a blond kid who looked like he could someday follow the footsteps of the gorgeous Hemsworth brothers. I should have asked for his contact number and applied to be his Hollywood agent! Hey, there is a dearth of good-looking blonde kids in Hollywood today - instant ka-ching/career change!
The happy fat kids on our way home

And oh, for this week's Aussie Curves Pattern Clash, I changed into a cropped floral scuba top from Kmart which I got on sale for around $3 and retained the jeans and sandals.

Scuba floral top from Kmart, bold cloud wash jeans from Forever 21 , animal-print sandals from Portmans. Oh, and watermelon headband from Kmart! How's that for four prints in one?

Not in picture but could have been fifth: printed shopping bag from Topshop used as tote.

Happy Australia day, mates!


  1. $3 top?!? Bargain! I love it!
    Also you can never have too much kebab And cheesecake! Lol doesnt matter how much belly pops out! Lol

    Happy Australia Day chick!!!

    1. Yup, $3! :) I couldn't believe it myself either!

      The cheesecake should have come with a warning - expect rotund belly after consuming. :D

      Happy Australia Day, Charlene! <3

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