Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm a ShoeWhore - hopefully not a TLDR post

You know how they say a girl is either a bag hag or a shoe whore, right?

I am, without an iota of doubt, a shoe whore.

Sometimes I'll have a passing fancy for a certain type of bag (like my satchel obsession - I used my red satchel a grand total of three times until I retired it to gather dust - it was pretty to look at but didn't hold all of my things; or my Longchamp Le Pliage bags) but usually I'd be content with one bag I'd use for several months until it breaks down. Right now, I use my Herschel market tote (shopping or if I need to return an item), the ubiquitous Dangerfield sling bag you always see in my OOTDs (running errands/grocery/market), and my beat-up eight-year old Jansport backpack (for the library).

But my fascination for shoes overshadows bags by leaps and bounds.

I was deprived of shoes growing up - I have size 10 feet in a land where women wore 6s and 7s (and weigh 100 to 120 pounds, but that's another story). There were not that many options for "freaks" like me, so I grew up wearing my school shoes everywhere. Big, clunky Gregg shoes. Those shoes you could throw against the wall repeatedly or run them over by a truck and would still survive the trauma - unscathed.

Imagine my delight when foreign brands carrying extended sizes started coming to the country - finally, shoes that fit me! Pretty shoes that did not look like they belong in construction sites! Dainty (well, as dainty as a size AU9/US10 can look) ballet flats with little bows!

I remember the first ever pair of shoes I seriously lusted after, and begged my parents to buy: 14-hole Doc Martens. It was the mid '90s (yes, I'm that old), and I was an angsty teenager who really did not have anything to be angsty about. I wore black band shirts (which I filched from my kuya - older brother), wanted multiple ear piercings (which I eventually got in uni), and listened to angry music. Naturally, I wanted Docs - hard.

My mom eventually caved and bought me a pair, but to this day, I still am not sure if my first pair was the real deal. Quite frankly, I'd be surprised if they were - there were no official Dr. Martens store back home that time. Then again, she bought it in a store in Angeles City, where most imported goods could be found.

I guess I will never solve the mystery of the authenticity of my first Docs. All I know is I took care of them like they were my offspring and treasured them like my life depended on them.
And I wore them to my senior prom.

My entire high school batch probably thought I was a douchebag - an overweight, towering (I was 5'6", everyone else was under 5'3") awkward teenager with long wavy unruly hair, in a black shapeless dress, wearing lace-up boots - when everyone else was dressed up quite glamorously. (Prom was kind of a big thing in my high school - the order of business was to blend in.)

If my little hick Philippine town were a person, he would have had a heart attack right there and then.
Never mind that the rest of the seniors were garbed in pretty cocktail dresses and heels - in my mind, I looked cool. Ah, to be young and oblivious.

Fast forward 2015, and I am living in the most livable city in the world. When I moved here, I brought maybe 15 pairs of shoes - a black pair of heels, the nude sandals I was wearing during the flight, grey Steve Madden hilights, a pair of Adidas sneakers, my one and only pair of Yosi Samra flats, and the rest were my Payless Claire crunch flats - they feel like you're walking on clouds, I kid you not. I left most of my clothes, but I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my favourite shoes. I still have around 40 pairs back home, waiting for me to return to visit.

I was fine until Fall came (we moved February). Suddenly, I wanted boots. And not just any pair - I wanted Doc Martens. It was like an old love resurfaced, and made me feel things I have never felt in a long time - I obsessed over it, thought about it over and over, looked for sales, tried to convince myself I didn't need it (I bought cheapie boots from Payless supposedly to tide me over), but eventually, like any great love story, gave in.

Not in picture: 1914 14-holes and Pascal 1940s. which I bought on sale. Actually, I purchased most of my Doc Martens on sale in the Glue clearance outlet.

So you see, I didn't just fall - I plummeted. Hook, line, and sinker.

I wore those babies all throughout Winter - especially the first pair, the black 1460 Nappa. It took a while for me to decide between Nappa and Smooth leather, but eventually went for the Nappa because the leather was softer, therefore, not so painful to break in. Truth be told, though, sometimes I still dream of the Smooth - maybe get a pair this Winter?

Summer came, and my Docs literally became too hot to wear. I needed lightweight sandals I can use while waiting for weather to cool down and I can be reunited with my babies. But I was too cheap to buy sandals I don't love full price. So I lived in my Forever New Thump Footbed sandals - you're probably sick of seeing them in my outfit posts by now. I wore them to death, day in, day out. They're so beat up the sole started splitting already and I just tried to resuscitate them using shoe glue.
But there was still no way I was going to buy shoes I don't love full-price. And we all know how expensive shoes can be, right?

Thankfully, Boxing Day sale came...which I initially ignored. But then the sale got extended.

And extended.

And extended.

It was like the sale wouldn't stop until it's done bleeding us dry.

So I got to buy these:

Grace Double Strap Sandals from Portmans. Bought them for $13/each, now they're down further to $9.95!

Rihanna sandals from Portmans. Bought for $21/pair. Now magically up to $29/pair.
And these ones I mildly obsessed on, but didn't love enough to purchase full-price:

Chunk sandals from Windsor Smith, bought 40% off. I actually returned the white pair and had it exchanged for another pair because the leather was already peeling - quality control issues? Plus, the staff who attended to my concern in the Bourke St store was not accommodating. Probably she was tired from the sale chaos, but hey, come on - it wasn't a favour she was doing me by agreeing to exchange - it was an inconvenience for me, the customer, to have to go back to exchange a defective product.

Alright, /rant off.

I guess you could say I went overboard (read: hoarded), but I really did not have footwear fit for this hot Melbourne summer days (especially when it goes up to 42C, OMG!)

Deep in my heart, I know I want this. But I am waiting for the price to go down further.

2015 is the year of me being frugal, remember?


TLDR stands for Too Long Didn't Read, a popular acronym. I just seem to be extra chatty these days.


  1. Holy hell, you are a bit of shoe lady aren't you? Loving the docs the most though! Glad you feel so hard for them. x

  2. Jaqui - oh yeah!!! I can never walk away from a pair I fall inlove with (and can afford). If I do walk away, I'm most probably gonna go back to purchase them!

    Btw for some reason, I cannot access your new posts. When I click the Aussie Curves link, it says: Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

    When I go to your blog, the first entry that shows is December 26, 2013 Marimekko Patterns.

  3. Oh and yeah, I can see myself wearing Docs even when I'm a grandma already - and I still have no kids, so that's saying a lot!

  4. Wow you weren't joking, were you? I love every pair you've shown! And what do you mean shoes OR bags? I'm both! ;-)

    1. Jocelyn: that's an expensive hobby! :) Ah, to be a girl...<3

  5. Don't worry, I'm THAT old too :) and I had at least 3 pairs of DM's in the early 1990s. Your prom sounds just like my school formal too, hahahaha... Well, I'm glad you moved to Australia to support your shoe collection habit, this might be totally politically incorrect, so feel free to slap me down... has anyone ever called you Imelda? ;)

    1. Oh my dad did! :D

      My mom used to say she understood why Imelda had thousands of shoes -- just look at me, a nobody, and drowning in mine! :D

      90s kids represent! :)