Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Here They Come, The Beautiful Ones (Heidi Klum in Melbourne)

WARNING: Picture-heavy post. Mostly Heidi Klum's, though, don't worry.
So Heidi went to Melby today.
I was there in the crowd, at 1:25. You can see my black hair, a little bit of my sunnies, my military green hooded parka and light blue backpack.
I don't really follow supermodels' careers, so before I became aware of the wonder that is Robyn Lawley, I only have one favourite supermodel - and that was because of Project Runway.
I was a huge fan of the early seasons of the show, and I was ecstatic when I randomly chanced upon Season 1 Winner Jay McCarrol in the now defunct lesbian bar in Philly one Winter night back in 2008.
Why I was in a lesbian bar with my proudly bisexual model friend Kevin is a story for another time. Ah Winter 2008 - too many memories.
So I found out that Heidi is coming to Melbourne through the Myer Instagram page. They were running a contest - I didn't win. But it's ok, I still got to see Heidi in flesh.
I arrived at 12:10pm, 20 minutes before she was supposed to arrive. A thick crowd was already in position outside Myer.

I accepted my fate and stood at the back, just hoping to at least get a glimpse of Heidi. Suddenly, the security created a barricade to serve as Heidi's walkway - in front of me.

There's my Dr Martens waiting for Heidi to arrive.
Then at 12:40pm, this happened...

Conversation behind me:
Boy: There's Heidi!
Girl: *sarcastic tone* Yeah, she's gonna arrive in a tram....
Tram opens.

Well hello, Heidi.
I sent this picture to my (another) proudly gay friend, and he replied, "I don't care about Heidi, take a closer picture of the guy's muscles!"

Yes, I was that close.
I could have grabbed her golden hair, but I am not (yet) a crazy stalker fan. :P

Heidi with the girl who won the Instagram contest.
My battlegear:

Parka from H&M. Black top from Emerson at Big W (I have multiple pieces). Random black belt. Tie-dye jeggings from Forever 21. 1460 Nappa Boots from Dr. Martens. Taken in Emporium Melbourne ladies toilet.
After the event, I went to H&M to return something, but ended up with another something - story of my life:

Accidentally discovered the secret to looking thin in pictures - take it this way! Of course, that shot made my hands looked really huge in comparison, but small price to pay. ;-)
My second to the last stop (last was Coles) before heading home:

Dr. Martens 8065 Mary Janes.
Even my legs looked giddy. ♥♥♥
In the words of Heidi Klum, Auf Wiedersehen!
By the way, Heidi was in Melbourne to launch her underwear line, Heidi Klum Intimates. I almost forgot to mention this!

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