Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aussie Curves - Active Wear

Hi, I'm Michelle, and I'm a couch olympian.
My favourite sports are internet browsing and channel surfing. I abhor summer, and I used to not like any activity that includes a lot of sweating. I think this was partly because I lived in a humid tropical country for most of my life, though. As I find it very enjoyable to walk here - but still not during summer.
If I were to wear the outfits I wear while engaging in my favourite "sports", I'd be wearing a singlet and shorts shorts with my legs up in my IKEA table while typing away, or watching my current BBC flavour of the month, Stella. I have a deep love for British TV series and documentaries.
I can sit in the couch the whole day watching mostly British TV - and no, I'm not depressed, the registration for healthcare professionals just really takes a looooooong time.
I watch Stella on Stan, Australia's answer to Netflix. We got the free one-month trial, and so far, it's been awesome.
So for this week's Active Wear challenge, it's not a surprise that I did not really have much of a choice.
I have a grand total of two sets of Active Wear. Three, if I count the set that I can't wear anymore because it's too big. The other set is cuter (pink and purple), but it's one of those thin Adidas breathable shirts and leggings set that's only really comfortable when the weather is hot - it's currently 16C in Melbourne.
Heres's the set I wore today:

Sideview to show you details of my shoes (and my huge arms)

Hoodie and sunnies from H&M, jogging pants and running shoes from Adidas. Under the hoodie, I was wearing a white padded singlet from Valley Girl. Location: Melbourne Emporium second floor toilet.
I bought the pants from Marshalls, a US discount shop back in 2007. It's in a size US14 - my size back then. It's big for me now, but I can still wear it because of the drawstring. It has a matching top, but I left that back home. It's very comfortable, and obviously lasts ages. Granted, I wear this maybe 5x/year tops, but it's still in great condition after seven years.
The running shoes were purchased on a discount from my friend who ordered the wrong size from Japan, 3 or 4 years ago.
The hoodie was part of the recent H&M Boxing Day sale - I got it for $5. It's from their Conscious - Sustainable Style line. Size says Medium, and looking at it, I really did not think it will fit but I bought it anyway thinking if it does not fit, I will just give it to my mom. It fits snugly, and shows my back fat/backwings, but I don't really care - they're part of who I am. For $5, I should have bought the other one.
Hopefully, if the weather continues to be this nice, I will get to invest in more sets of sturdy (and cute!) Active Wear because I plan to do regular brisk walking as my exercise. I am fortunate to live very near the Royal Park. It would be such a waste not to put it into good use. Also, this will be in line with my "Less Internet, More World" goal this year (aside from Frugal 2015 - I've since bought some pairs of shoes since I made that pronouncement, but hey, I'm allowed to buy basics - and Doc Martens are basics, right? Especially on discount.")
Here's to a happy and healthy 2015! <3 data-blogger-escaped-p="">

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