Friday, December 19, 2014

The Horizontal Striped Dress

Plus size dressing Rule No. 1: AVOID HORIZONTAL STRIPES.
I say we throw that rule out the window.
I love horizontal stripes - especially black/white. I think I look really good in it. And that's what matters right?
While some striped clothing make me look large, I think the colour combination goes really well with my skintone so I usually end up purchasing them anyway.
I got this Zara dress because I found it really cute, but had to return it because of the open back. I felt like there was not much support in the front, and because I am not that, ok, unlike the rest of the plus sized population, I am not (so not) "gifted" in the boob department, when I wore it, I ended up with some space for air in front, which eventually crinkled. So with a heavy heart, I returned the dress.
My favourite striped dress used to be this striped skater dress which I bought from Debenhams. I used to wear it with a cardigan, a slim belt, and my trusty Payless scrunch flats. I wore it when we watched Wicked with a black trench coat from Target, my favourite Dr Martens Nappa boots and semi-opaque black tights. The dress is too big for me now. It was a size UK18.
Here are my other striped dresses that made the migration cull:

ELLE Striped Ponte Dress

I also have the Elle dress in black, but I can't find stock pictures online. And I'm too lazy to look for it in the blackhole that is also known as my pile of clothes.

First Mate Dress from Dangerfield.

I also have the dress in coral. Coral does not really agree with me, but I couldn't pass it up. Plus, Clear It was having a Buy 3 Get the 4th sale.
I also have a lot of striped tops, from Dotti to Cotton On to Bossini which I hoarded in Hongkong last January in anticipation of migration.
But my love for stripes does not stop there! Yesterday I bought a black/white striped midi skirt from Dead Ivy Clothing, Melbourne Central - on sale for $30! It looks very similar to the striped skirts sold by Dotti and Portmans.
And today, I saw this Gap rugby striped dress earlier and I thought it was very cute - and 40% off, so it comes to around $60.

What do you think? Buy, or not?

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