Friday, December 5, 2014

Of Bardot Tops and Self-Confidence

Yesterday, I was sitting near the fitting room of Forever New Melbourne Central and a girl comes out, all giddy (I recognised the giddiness that comes with finding something you really like) wearing this cute top and was looking for her friend. Her friend came over, and the conversation went like this:

Girl: Hey, I really, really like this. Do you think it's cute?

Friend: Uhm...

Girl: Be honest. Is this cute? I really want this.

Friend: *looks at the girl's arms* Well...

Girl: Ok. *sad*

And then the girl went back to the fitting room. She did not buy the top.

This scene broke my heart for two reasona:

1. She looked really cute in that top.

2. I was hoping she would buy it anyway, despite the obvious disagreement of her friend. I actually wanted to say something but I was afraid I'd be accused of eavesdropping and told to mind my own business. In hindsight, well, maybe I was eavesdropping, but they did have the conversation near me!

Next time something similar happens, is it socially acceptable here in Australia to jump in on a conversation like this?

I know it's fat chance, but if ever someday, the girl comes across this blog post, I have this to say to you: you're beautiful - don't let anyone ever tell you what and what not to wear.

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