Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Laughing or Screaming Apples?

Today, I was giddy.
You see, even at my ripe age, I adore this store. I cannot afford their items most of the time (which is why I always, always enter their online contests - hope I win someday!) so when I discovered their clearance store in Fitzroy, I was in heaven. But that deserves another post.
Today, I wore my Dotti Laughing Apple dress, size AU14, for the first time.

Pic taken at the Basement, Myer Melbourne.

Pic taken at the ladies toilet (as always) of Melbourne Emporium mall.
I got the first "I love your dress! Where did you get it?" from a staff of Dangerfield in Myer Melbourne CBD. She said it was "so quirky"!
Then I went to check out Hell Bunny dresses at Off Ya Tree in Swanston St. Two heavily tattooed girl staff complimented me on my "screaming apple" dress.
So yeah, I'm a weirdo but I'm a giddy weirdo.
Here's a close-up of the print:

Here's a pic of me being all dorky and very Asian in the library

Excuse the thick unruly brows - a visit to Miss Browbar is in the agenda soon.
Hope you're enjoying your Thursday!


  1. That dress is AWESOME! I can understand why you get the compliments! I love Dotti, but don't fit into 95% of their stuff. I do however, tend to buy their accessories :P

  2. Thanks Natalie! I super love that dress I'm considering back-ups! :D It's just $9.95 at the Dotti website. Am I a weirdo for wanting backups of my fave clothes? :P

    Their accessories are very nice - especially on sale. :D Their shoes also - I was able to get chunky fisherman sandals for $10/pair during one of their sales.

    I got a lot of items from Dotti a few months ago to build up my wardrobe (luggage limit + lost weight - MD order) when they were having a massive sale.