Friday, December 5, 2014

Forever Expensive

So I think I found the perfect top for the skirt I have been obsessing on.

But the problem is, I don't know if I'm willing to pay $59.99 for the top. It's made of crepe material, but I find it expensive for what it is. Plus, I don't think it's worth it because I can't really wear it with my other bottoms.
Why do simple clothes cost so much, Australia?!
This is almost a dupe. It has these annoying cheesy cut-outs though - why oh why, TEMT? It's $7.50, though. I got it for half-off from the Valley Girl - TEMT store in Melbourne Emporium .

Decisions, decisions! Oh, and while I'm size AU12 for the skirt, I'm AU14 for the top - and there's only one piece left at Bourke! And none left at the online store so I need to decide quickly!


  1. I love the cutouts on that top, very cute! I agree, clothing in Australia is very expensive, and I believe that's partly to do with our strong "sales culture". It sucks! I mostly thrift and support local indie designers - even though the latter can also be expensive, at least I know it's quality, somewhat unique, and working to return money directly into the pockets of artists and creators.

  2. Yeah the cutouts are cute (that's why I bought them - plus 50% off so score!!! I bought black and blue...and returned to the store to get a smaller size of the blue to use with the skirt supposedly - the first two were XL because I wanted them a bit loose -- $7.50 x 3 = $22.50 for three tops!) but they sort of take away from the cuteness of the skirt? Or am I just imagining? I like to show off the fake waist created by the poufy skirt. :P

    I love thrifting too - I have gone to Salvos in North Melbourne, Savers in Brunswick and checked out the one in Preston many months ago (forgot the name). So far, I found the following gems:

    Forever New skirt - black version of this, missing belt $10

    FCUK striped flared mini skirt $13

    ASOS Curve peach/orange dress in AU18 0 bought in April for I think around $10; worn once, now too loose

    Black Friday dress that looks new $10
    Ojay flared taupe skirt around $10
    Ojay wool skater skirt (very thick material!) $10
    Target black mini skirt $10

    Someday I hope to be able to afford local indie designers! I see their shops in Melbourne Central (in the center aisle in between the chain stores like Forever New and Colette; at the 1st floor, on the way out, if going to Swanston) and I love the quirky designs! However, I think most of the designers there make clothes for straight size, as I don't think I can fit in most dresses displayed there .

  3. Oh I mean the cut-outs are cute, but I need one without - thus the why oh why TEMT and annoyingly cheese cut-outs comment. :P

    Btw I still haven't bought the blue Forever New top! :D Am I being stingy or what