Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby Bag as a Regular Bag?

This is on sale right now for 30% off.

The one I like looks the same, but with silver hardware. The bag has a large strap, so there's an option of carrying it messenger-bag style. It has many pockets, and large space inside to hold my laptop and books.

Oh, and what I really, really love is that it has two containers inside for feeding bottles, which I plan to use to house my favourite drink.

Now I do not have a baby, but I do need a big bag for my daily library trek. My backpack is close to dying, and my market tote cannot hold everything - it seems I bring my whole house with me whenever I leave the house!

So what do you think? Can I pull off using it as a regular bag, or will people wonder if I left my baby somewhere? :)

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