Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aussie Curves - Pastels

I have a limited wardrobe - I've bought A LOT the past few months, sure, but it's nowhere as extensive as the one I had back home. But even then my clothes were mostly, well, black. And white. And dresses with fruit prints or polkadots or hearts.
I was never a pastel girl. Partly because, well, I always buy black as default, and partly because if I HAD to buy coloured clothing, I gravitate toward jewel colours. I get the most compliment when I wear cobalt, and bright blue-based pink.
I only have one pastel dress in my closet right now - and it was an op-shop find! I featured the dress in my Boathouse OOTD post.
One warm December afternoon, on my way to the tram stop, I saw the Brotherhood of St. Laurence op shop sign at the Royal Arcade and decided to check it out. The dress was in the first rack I checked. I was even hesitating on buying it, until the nice staff yelled, "all clothing 50% off!" So for $4.50 down from $9, I did not have much to lose right? I actually ended up paying just $4 for it, because the nice lady said just give her $4.

The dress is by Glassons, and it's a fit and almost-flare (now I am just inventing dress styles!) cut that works for my apple-shaped (well, more like refrigerator-shaped) body. The base is a very light pinky-lilac and accented by navy and violet flowers with green leaves. Truth be told, if I saw it in a shop, full-price, I would not be drawn to it because, well, flowers.
I proclaim my love for heart/fruit prints and polka dot unabashedly, but I think floral prints are too girly. Go figure.
Also, there's violet. And green - I stay away from warm colours because they wash me out.

The thing I like the most about this dress is, it has sleeves. I don't understand - why is it so hard to find a plus-size dress with sleeves? My arms are my biggest body insecurity because they're large and saggy, and I find three-fourth sleeves are the most flattering. Here I threw a thin cobalt Valley Girl cardigan over it and I think it made the dress more flattering on me. I finished the look with Payless sandals, cheapy aviators from H&M, and my beat-up big black Coach bag (not in picture).
I haven't worn the dress since - I am such a shorts and shirt girl I wonder why I even bother to buy dresses. Maybe on Boxing Day - we're planning to see the St Kilda penguins. Hope the pastel lures them out of hiding! :)


  1. An op shop buy!! Good job! How can I not love it?!!! And $4?!? Thats good as! You rarely find bargains like that nowdays!
    You say you have a limited wardrobe so I think thats enough reason to buy a dress, even if you wont wear it too much.., thats me anyways!
    Hope you had a nice Christmas and saw heaps of penguins! And that u have an even better New Years!

  2. Yup, $4, it was such a lucky day for me! :)

    Yeah, I migrated here ten months ago, and have left the bulk of my clothes at home. So I have been buying. :) Hope to find more bargain op shop finds!!!

    I saw penguins yesterday!! Yay!! First time ever! Will post about them :) Happy New Year, Charlene! <3

  3. I hear you about dresses with sleeves... totally aren't enough of them in the world! I love that dress... gorgeous colours.

  4. gorgeous dress Chel, and what a great op shop find! I hope you had a lovely festive season :)

  5. Jocelyn - thank you! I love this dress as well :) Yeah, I don't understand why most dresses are sleeveless! Or if with sleeves, cap sleeves! :D

  6. Hi Jaqui!

    Thanks! And yeah, I was very lucky that day! :D Btw when I go to your blog I only get to see the Marimeeko post. That's the one on top always. I don't know if it's a problem with my browser? Happy Holidays! :)