Friday, December 12, 2014

Aussie Curves - Metallic

I am currently on the hunt for my Forever 21+ metallic tapestry skirt which I got last year, but I still can't find it.
Almost a year in Australia already and my things are still thrown around somewhere. (*cue mom's voice in my head*)
It looks like this:

I wore it to my workplace's Christmas party last year. The theme was Arabian Nights, and I exerted "so much" effort and came in, well, just Arabian colours. :P
I have not worn it since, but I asked someone bring it to me (it wouldn't fit in my luggage) when he came to visit because, well, while it's impractical, I love it.
Anyway, meanwhile, I want to show you a super cute Forever 21 (can you tell I love the brand? Oh, how I miss the store that made being a plus size girl in Asia easier!) sweatshi...errr, jumper with red metallic (see, not cheating!) print. I wore this last week on the way to the grocery (story of my life these days: library, Coles/Woolies, market, wash, rinse and repeat; I am currently what you might call a highly-educated bum.)

Jumper from Forever 21, Large, inner top and shorts from Emerson at Big W, size 14, Birkenstock-like sandals from Forever New, size 41, my obviously favourite (and only!) sling bag from Dangerfield, and shopping trolley from Ikea.
See? Metallic can be casual as well!
Now let me get back to looking for my skirt! To be continued...


  1. red metallic is totally not cheating!! :D I hope the dress you got fit too Chel? :D

  2. Hi Jacqui!

    Yup, the dress fits! :) I shortened the hemline a bit - will wear when it's colder (google says next week!) then I'll post :-)