Friday, December 5, 2014

#Aussie Curves - Favourite Feature

My favourite feature would have to be my legs.
They have scars - I was not a pampered kid growing up. I played in the background, I tripped, I was an only girl with two brothers - these left marks on my legs.
Growing up I was always in jeans. Back home (and back when I was growing up), the default is jeans + anything. Jeans + singlet, jeans + shirt, jeans + blouse - when you go out, expect girls to always be in jeans. Me, it was always jeans + some band or polo shirts for me. It didn't help that back then there was not many options for plus size girls. You either wear boys' jeans (girls' clothing line did not extend) or you risk looking like a grandmother (I can't say mother, because my mom dressed - and dresses - younger than I do!).
I remember when I started becoming confident to rock mini skirts - it was around 2005, and Dorothy Perkins has just arrived in my home country. I debated with myself against buying the DP mini skirt I saw on display, because, well, I was not used to showing my legs. And I wasn't confident. I asked a friend (who was plus-sized, but very unlike me - she wore everything she wanted to wear, without giving a flying f to the world) for advise and she said, "just buy it and wear it if you like it."
So I mustered my courage and I did.
Past forward one decade, and I've rocked all kinds of clothes with short hemlines. Denim mini, mini-dresses, denim shorts, twill shorts, you name it, I've worn it. My favourite pieces of clothing would have to be my beaten-up denim mini skirts though - I think I must have had around ten or more since. I like my mini skirts short, A-line, and not tight - something that's cute but comfy and I can move in. This looks like my favourite DP skirt. Sadly, I can't find anything I like here in Melbourne yet (but I have a feeling Forever New is going to come out with one - just a gut feeling, since they remind me of a more girly Dorothy Perkins) so if you find something that looks similar, let me know.
I brought two of my Dorothy Perkins mini skirts with me when I moved, but they're two sizes too big for me now. I'm keeping them though - I'm not yet ready to let them go.
Here's an evolution of my mini skirt looks through the years

Around 6.5 years ago, taken in a dressing room in H&M in North Wales, PA, USA. I was wearing a generic I Love NY shirt, one of my Dorothy Perkins mini skirts, random tights, and my Nine West wedge boots. It was my first ever winter experience, and I loved it! ♥♥♥

Same year (2008), taken in a dressing room in an Old Navy in a mall in Philadelphia, USA. Wearing an Old Navy top, Dorothy Perkins skirt, and a pair of Nine West flats.

I don't remember where this pic was taken, but still Winter 2008. Turtleneck fleece top from Old Navy, my favourite plaid skirt from The Gap (which I left in the USA and never saw again), and gray suede Serena van der Woodsen boots from Chinese Laundry. I was obsessed with Gossip Girl - although I was a fan of Blair, not Serena. I remember owning all three colours - grey, black, and brown.

Taken a year ago, back home. My past life. Me on the right. I accepted the Best Industrial Clinic award for the Lafarge clinic in Batangas, Philippines. I was wearing a Dorothy Perkins pussybow top, festive skirt from Forever21+, and Gold Dot wedges..
And these pictures you have seen:

Dress from Forever New.

Laughing Apple Dress from Dotti.
So there. My favourite feature are my legs. They are not without flaws, but I love them. And I show them - bare, in tights, in skinny jeans like this:

Jeans from Forever 21+, US12. Top from Dangerfield - which I ended up taking home. Pic taken at the Clear It outlet store in Fitzroy. Oh, and my ubiquitous favourite fisherman sandals from Wandering Souls.
This is me today, on the way to watching Mockingjay (I love you, JLaw!!) in a very short breezy dress with ♥ print from Valley Girl. If you ever find this dress (found this for $10 at the Harbour Town clearance store), grab it! It's very, very generously cut - I'm wearing a size AU10! When I'm normally AU12 (bottoms and dresses from Portmans) - 14 (usually for tops and dresses). Cardi from Valley Girl too, bag from Dangerfield and my favourite Wandering Souls sandals.


  1. Good on you chick! You have great legs so it would be a complete waste to hide them in jeans all year long!!
    Love your style! And tote lovin' that GAP plaid skirt!! *swoon*

  2. Thank you, Charlene! It took time before I became confident, but when I did, I couldn't stop. :D And yes, the GAP plaid skirt was adorable! Too bad I left it in the States (my brother was supposed to send me my stuff but never did - boys) and never saw it again. :(