Sunday, November 30, 2014

G'day Mates

First post.

I've been lurking the past few weeks reading blogs of awesome Aussie bloggers. I've had a couple of blogs in the past - my first was here in Blogspot back in 2001. No archives, unfortunately - Blogger decided to delete it. It would have been a hoot to read it now, more than a decade later, but I guess Blogger thought my med school and NBSB life musings were too uncool to immortalize. I actually met the love of my life (whom I shall refer to from hereon as The Guru - he's regarded as an expert in his field, and also because his mom calls him that :P) through it - he was my blog stalker. But I digress.

A bit about me - I'm new to Australia. I arrived on February 16 of this year. I blogged a bit but lost steam, and now I am back. I am a healthcare professional waiting for registration so I can start working in this country - it takes time, and I'd need to take bridging courses. I am also planning to go back to uni, but one step at a time. :)

This blog will be about:

* Dressing Room / Toilet OOTDs - I don't have a digital camera, so all my pictures will be taken by myself using my archaic iPhone 5. Kind of like this:

First Shameless OOTD: Full-length mirror at H&M Bourke St., Melbourne CBD. Jacket from Forever New, size AU14. Basic white tee from Big W, size AU14. Jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters, size US12. Chunky ugly sandals from Wandering Souls, size AU9.

And mostly with the help of dressing room/toilet mirrors - I also do not have a full-length mirror at home. I am also still getting used to calling toilets as toilets, because I referred to them as restrooms my whole life, so if I accidentally mention restroom, you know what I mean. :)

* Mostly Paleo / Low Carb Kitchen Adventures - our WOE (Way of Eating) is mostly LowCarb/Paleo with a meal (or a day!) or two of high-carb non-Paleo, so most kitchen experiments will be low carb. However, this is not a diet blog to promote the lifestyle, just some chitchat (and pictures!) about my recent kitchen experiments, successful (some - like this low carb pizza crust or not (a lot!) :)

* Retail therapy wishes and finds - I have been discovering the wonder that is Aussie fashion - I came from a country that had mostly US influence, although we do have UK shops and Forever New. Trivia: Forever New is called Ever New back home.

Would you forgive me if I start sounding like a schoolgirl and scream I love, love, love hipster fashion?

* Random Musings - I'm 36 years old, but maybe Forever 21 by heart. And I have been with The Guru since February 2003 - he started stalking my blog late 2002. This blog will be a bit about our bliss. ♥

Oh, and I named this blog after my favourite movie. It is also the name I will give my future daughter.

So there. Hi, and welcome to my world. ♡

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